Disciplinary Process 2 Day Training Course

This training course is aimed at business owners, departmental managers and supervisors.

Ensuring that managers who are actively taking part in the discipline process are familiar with the process and capable of preparing properly for a disciplinary hearing can save a company time and money at the CCMA. Detail is important and we can assist you in mastering the process in accordance with the Labour Relations Act and CCMA case law.

Fees: R3500 for two days (includes training manual)

Course Outline:

Part 1 Summary and Flow Chart of the Process
Part 2 The Preliminary Investigation 
• Appoint an Investigator 
• Conduct the Investigation 
• Prepare a Report 
 Part 3 Evidence 
• Evidence that is Admissible 
• Evidence that needs Special Care 
• Evidence that is not Admissible 
 Part 4 The Review and Decision 
• Review the Preliminary Report 
• Make a Decision What Course of Action to Follow 
• Poor Administration 
• Minor Offence 
• Serious Offence 
 Part 5 The Detailed Investigation 
• Review the Preliminary Report 
• Assessment and Final Decision 
• Determine the Allegations / Charges to be Raised Against the Employee 
 Part 6 The Notification to Attend a Disciplinary Enquiry 
• Completion of the Notification 
• Handing the Notification to the Employee 
• The Rights of the Employee 
 Part 7 Presenting a Case in a Disciplinary Enquiry 
• Opening Presentation by the Initiator 
• Witnesses 
• Replying to Points Raised by the Employee 
• Points in Aggravation 
• Closing Statement 
 Part 8 Chairing a Disciplinary Enquiry 
• Formalities for the Record 
• The Notification of Disciplinary Enquiry 
• The Rights of the Employee 
• Plea by the Employee 
• Outlining the Procedure to be Followed in the Enquiry 
• Presentation of Case by the Initiator 
• Presentation of the Case by the Employee 
• Adjourn to Make a Finding 
• Points in Aggravation Presented by the Initiator 
• Points in Mitigation Presented by the Employee 
• Check the Employee’s Record 
• Adjournment and Presentation of the Penalty 
• Closure of the Enquiry 
 Part 9 Factors Influencing the Credibility of a Witness 
• Factors Influencing Credibility 
• Factors Indicating a Liar 
 Part 10 Clarifying Terminology 
• Incompatibility 
• Incapacity 
• Poor Work Performance 
• Insolence 
• Insubordination 
• Probation